Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pi Uno's Fiction Classification's System

Why fiction books are not arranged by subject? Many students are having difficulty in locating the books they want to read. A student who would like to borrow a fiction book that tackles about adventure cannot easily find it on the shelf where fiction are arranged. Primarily because fiction books are arranged alphabetically according to author number. Is it really the practice of libraries from the very start when writers have decided to write fictitious works? As a librarian, we need to find ways every now and then to help our clientele to their choice of books or any library materials. Thus, I have devised my own Fiction Classification System not just for my own benefit and the library where I am in but to all librarians who are eager to arrange their fiction collection. First, for the easy retrieval of fiction books. Second, for easy access. Third, for more-organized fiction collection. And fourth, for our fiction collection to be more attractive to our library clientele.

I would like to estress that my Fiction Classification Scheme is a mere proposal. It is up to you if you want to follow it. I just thought of devising a Fiction Classification System to achieve uniformity and standardization among all libraries which offer home reading service to their clientele.

My Fiction Classification System classifies fiction in three ways. 1) by genre fiction; 2) by series; and 3) by author.

Why by genre fiction?
Some students are looking for a particular book that is all about action, adventure, horror, magic, fantasy and romance without having knowledge who wrote the particular book that he/she wants to borrow. In that sense, if we will classify fiction according to their genre it will be easy for us to direct our clientele to their choice of books.

Why by series?
There are some students who are fanatic to some fiction books with series like that of Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Choose your own adventure, and Baby Sitters. These students are very much eager to read the latest edition of their choice of series. In that aspect, if we will classify fiction according to their series, once a student would ask us about the latest edition of their favorite series it will be easy for us librarians to direct them to their choice of series.

Why by author?
Students have their own favorite authors like Paolo Coelho, Stilton, Roahl Dahl and Stephen King. These students are very much eager to know the latest story/work that their favorite author wrote. And if we classified or grouped fiction by their choice of authors, it will be easy for the both of us, librarians and students to find the books according to the favorite authors of our library clientele.

Are you now eager to know my Fiction Classification System?

I'm still working on it. Because my classification system uses a wide array of colors. But if you are really interested to know it, just email me at piuno@yahoo.com and I would be eager to send my Fiction Classification System to you.